Credit despite return debit

Do you need a loan despite a direct debit? A quick surge in liquidity or an installment loan as a permanent problem solution?

We will help you to master the difficult situation with authentic information and offers. First, learn why quick action would be appropriate and how you can permanently solve the problem.

Credit despite return debit – problem

Credit despite return debit - problem

A loan despite a direct debit will be difficult to obtain if the lender wants to see the bank statements for credit checking. Blackening or falsification is not allowed. This would make the chargeback clearly identifiable, even if only temporarily, as evidence of existing bankruptcy. Every regular loan provider will assess the recognizable risk of lending as too high.

Doing nothing, just waiting for new salary to be added to the account would not be advisable. On the one hand, the household budget needs liquidity to meet daily needs. However, it would be much more important to prevent the negative consequences that can inevitably result from a neglected chargeback. There is currently a need for action in two time windows.

A quick loan despite a direct debit must create liquidity in order to at least settle the open debit. The second point would be to find an installment loan so that the problem of scarce liquidity does not become a perennial favorite. Doing nothing would be the wrong decision. The good reputation is quickly lost. With negative credit bureau it becomes really difficult to get an adequate loan at fair interest.

Faster credit – get money for bank transfer

Faster credit - get money for bank transfer

The primary problem after a direct debit is to satisfy the creditor before taking further expensive and creditworthy steps. An exhausted overdraft facility will not be reported to credit bureau. This means that at the time of the direct debit, if something has not gone wrong before, the credit bureau is still in order. This condition must be preserved. It would be advisable to pick up the phone as soon as possible and report to the creditor.

Believers “hate” nothing more than the “Vogel Strauss tactic”. Heading in the sand means that the creditor should act as quickly as possible. Otherwise, other creditors could pre-empt his claims and coercive measures. In a serious conversation, further steps can be discussed that are likely to avoid the introduction of coercive measures.

Fast liquidity – offers

Fast liquidity - offers

Fast credit despite return debit, on a small scale and without extensive proof of creditworthiness, to their potential borrowers. The offer of mini credit with payment within 24 hours is intended as a useful addition to the overdraft facility. Mini loans can be granted despite limited creditworthiness and low income.

The subjectively currently most comprehensive credit offer for mini credit comes from Vexcash from Berlin. Time-saving credit applications can be made via Videoident. The loan application could be legally valid within about 30 minutes. Loan amounts between $ 100 and $ 500 with a maximum term of 30 days are eligible for the first application. In most cases, the small sum is sufficient to buy time by transferring money.

Debt rescheduling – despite direct debit

Debt rescheduling - despite direct debit

By balancing the return debit, valuable time is saved. Time that is simply necessary for a serious debt restructuring. It would be important to compensate for the overdraft facility so that there will no longer be any risk of return debits in the future. It can also make sense to reschedule existing installment loans. The debt rescheduling loan could thus contribute to new financial stability with compatible small installment payments.

But who grants a loan despite a direct debit? As long as there is no negative credit bureau entry, the answer can be found via a free credit comparison. If a generally good credit rating is still to be expected despite the direct debit, the selection would be large. Any offer with fair interest is possible, in which the account statements are not required in the application conditions. If the regular loan does not work without bank statements, it will be more difficult.

Further legally binding credit attempts are to be avoided so that credit bureau does not deteriorate. If the creditworthiness has already suffered, you have to “wiggle through” for three months and not risk a chargeback. In order for a bank’s risk loan to be possible, most credit providers require access to the current account statements. However, the banks do not check longer than three months retrospectively.

Three months after the chargeback, the chargeback would no longer fall within the review period. The credit bureau entry of a previous loan rejection is also no longer fresh, the credit opportunities increase.

Loan despite direct debit – alternative private loan

Loan despite direct debit - alternative private loan

Tired of asking a guarantor for help with a regular loan or even a special loan, the modern credit market offers alternatives. Loan offers from private donors can be requested at Astro Finance or Best bank at a serious level. A loan is possible despite the direct debit, since no bank statements and no credit bureau entry document the predicament.

Personal loan is always interesting when a loan request is to be implemented in a difficult situation. In contrast to commercial credit providers (banks), private lenders are not obliged to exclusively provide secure loans. Each investor decides on his investment based on his own criteria.

Even so, most investors prefer to receive less interest but invest safely. Of particular interest are credit requests that would be secured with real assets. Sachs security for personal loans is possible through the Kfz-Brief. Securely secured, supported by a comprehensible repayment concept, credit would still be possible despite the direct debit from the private sector if banks had long since refused.

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