Finance your motorcycle with consumer credit

That’s it you just got your motorcycle license. You dreamed of it, the world of two-wheelers now opens its doors to you. Spotted a few months ago, the frame of your dreams is still on display. Long riding in the countryside and summer walks with friends are yours. The chance! But between favorite and model really adapted to his needs, there is often a gap. Whatever device you wish to acquire and the use you want to make of it, financing solutions adapted to your situation exist.


A tailor-made purchase


At first, nothing like this before launching to refine your “linguistic” skills on a motorcycle and to assimilate well, if you are not yet fully operational, all the concepts that will help you to choose your machine well. You will then be able to determine which model is best suited to your objectives and needs (number of cylinders, type of braking, engine power, etc.).

Secondly take care to be aware of the differences between the various types of motorcycles and the advantages and disadvantages of each. There are thus 7 main types of motorcycle: standard, Roadster, sport, road, Trail, Supermotard and custom. Also remember that if you don’t have a motorcycle license or if you want to get a taste of the bike, you can still ride a 125cc motorcycle. Indeed, the car license of more than 2 years offers the right to drive at 125 cm3, on the condition of carrying out a training of 7 hours, now compulsory for holders of license B.


Budget your biker gear

motorcycle gear

It is imperative to budget for the security elements in your financing project (helmet, airbag vest, leather outfit, boots, coveralls, gloves, etc.). They are essential for your comfort and safety. Everyone has already told you and told you again, but the practice of two-wheelers can be dangerous.


Where to choose your new motorcycle?

Where to choose your new motorcycle?

  • In concession:
    Many models will be offered there, new or used. The purchase in concession will allow you in particular to benefit from the advice of expert sellers in the field.
  • Specialist magazines
    They offer many ads for new and used motorcycles between individuals and sometimes even with professionals. In addition, the published tests will also allow you to obtain technical information on the models of your choice.
  • On the Internet:
    There are many general or specialized classified ads sites where you can easily find many motorcycles for sale. The choice can be made depending on your region or the model you are looking for.


Financial boost

motorcycle loans

Cofinoga offers financing solutions for your project through its vehicle loan offer. You can make a credit simulation on our website, which will give you an overview of the amounts you will repay each month, the duration and the cost of your credit. By applying for credit online, you will get a first answer in principle.

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