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To live is to have goals and dreams to be achieved. Many people have as one of their life goals to buy their own property, either to live or start their business.

Acquiring a property requires financial resources and we often do not have the necessary value to realize the dream of acquiring a property. In such cases there is the option of making a mortgage.

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?


Real estate financing is one of the forms of credit offered to individuals or businesses that need credit to buy a property, whether commercial or residential. This credit is offered by financial institutions, such as banks, and is intended for the purchase or renovation of a property.

For bank account holders, getting finance is less bureaucratic for non-account holders. When credit is offered by banks, the institution offers its client, individual or legal entity, the financial support granted through an established contract.

Real estate financing Loan and Credit

Real estate financing Loan and Credit


The real estate financing of Loan and Credit Bank is a credit intended for bank account holders, and is intended to finance the purchase of a residential property in urban perimeter, whether new or used, urbanized lots or business real estate.

The real estate financing of Loan and Credit is intended for account holders of the Loan and Credit Bank, with interest and floating rates and can be financed up to 80% of the lowest appraised value, between purchase and sale. The maximum term for financing is 360 months, with collateral for the property.

Loan and Credit allows you to use your FGTS to finance your property, which can be used as input, amortization or settlement of the outstanding balance, and can be used to deduct up to 80% of the value of the installments. To do so, the client must comply with the requirements in the Owned Housing Manual, available on the Caixa Econômica Federal website.

To perform the real estate financing of Loan and Credit, the account holder needs to perform the simulation of financing that will present the approximate values ​​of the credit limit granted. During the simulation, you can choose the amortization system that best suits the customer.

With the simulation performed, the client needs to contact the manager to answer their questions and inform the necessary documents for financing.

Loan and Credit Bank, Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit Bank, Loan and Credit

With the credit limit for the approved finance and after choosing the property you want, the customer will need to fill out the required forms.

After completing all the required papers and having the financing released by the bank, you can realize your dream of buying your own property through the real estate financing of the Loan and Credit Bank.

Loan and Credit was created in 1937 and is a publicly traded and mixed capital company. It is controlled by the state of Espírito Santo and is considered as a multiple bank, ie it is a private or public financial institution that performs passive, active and ancillary operations.

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